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Matthew Arnold: (December 24th 1822 - April 15th 1888)

He is a famous British poet and cultural critic who has published several volume of poems such as the Empedocles on Etna.
Arnold is sometimes called the third great Victorian poet, along with other poets such as Alfred Tennyson and Robert Browning. [wikipedia]

-By the time he was 30, Arnold had already written all his famous works of art. [about.com] Many of his poems contained a "romantic melancholy", as he often wrote about love and friendship. [victorian web].

One of his most famous works is the poem "Dover Beach" [about.com] The passages and metaphors from this poem are quite well known. [wikipedia]

Other famous works of his include his two essays "Essays in Criticism" (1865) and "Culture and Anarchy"
His other famous poetic works include: "The Foresaken Merman", The Buried Life" and "Scholar Gipsy"

His poetic satire is: "My poetry represents, on the whole, the main movement of mind of the last quarter of a century, and thus they will probably have their day as people become conscious to themselves of what that movement of mind is, and interested in literary productions which reflect it" [wikipedia]

Modern Day Connections:
Allan Bloom, is a modern day example of Matthew Arnold because he was an essayist and both often wrote about love and friendship.
Allan Bloom

Dover Beach
A Summer Night
The Foresaken Merman
The Buried Life

--Farah and Crystal
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