New Imperialism

The term New Imperialism refers to a period of time extending from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was used to describe a time when European powers expanded and annexed approximately 20 percent of the Earth's total landmass into their overseas territory.(
New Imperialism


Powerful countries would send armies into weaker African and Asian states and forcibly take control of the government, beginning to conquer and colonize these territories. A main reason for doing so would be to exploit the land for raw materials and goods, or possibly to develop naval and land bases for their armies to defend against other competing European countries. Various countries and continents were affected during the age of New Imperialism. For instance, by the year 1880, only 10 percent of Africa was controlled by European powers, and by 1914, all of Africa except for two countries (Liberia and Ethiopia) were under European control.(

Modern Connection

Nowadays colonial expansion is a term that is very rarely used to describe current happenings because there is very little of this still going on. A possible relevant interpretation of present day events to be new imperialism would be any time a country sends forces into another country during a war. It has been seen recently especially during the Holocaust with Germany overtaking countries such as Austria and Polandand the rise of communist Russia where a country will forcibly take over surrounding states for their own.
Communism as Russian Imperialism


The New Imperialism
The New Imperialism and the Scramble for Africa
Africa Imperialism Map
Holocaust Imperialism

Primary Sources

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