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Reform Act of 1832

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Created in 1832 after being denied twice in the house of lords because it contained ideas that were unfamiliar to the general public but later symbolized the Victorian Era. The Reform Act, also known as the Great Reform Act, was pushed through in order for the general public to be better represented within parliament.
At the beginning of the industrial revolution many factories were established in areas previously uninhabited in order to lower costs. As a result, many workers moved to the new towns to find jobs, leaving their old cities with as few as 10 people in some cases (Pagewise). This drastically changed how the working class was represented within the government, as the smaller towns would be overly represented while larger towns/cities would be under-represented, if at all.

The act was intended to put an end to the open voting process in which voters simply raised there hands to vote, however, this was removed in later revisions in order to persuade the Tories to allow the act to pass (Pagewise).

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The Start of the Victorian Era Industrial Revolution Voting Rights
Modern Connections
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